It was in co-operation with the Institute of Freshwater Fisheries in Iceland (Hafrannsóknarstofnun) that the Riverwatcher was developed and the first Riverwatcher counter was installed in the River Elliðaár in 1992 but the first Riverwatcher to go overseas was in 1994 for the then National Rivers Authority in the UK.

Now with more than 30 years of experience, research and development under the belt, several modifications have been made to the hardware, and the software and IT part of the system is in on-going development process. Over 500 Riverwatchers have now been sold to over 500 rivers in 40 countries worldwide, making the Riverwatcher a true international.


VAKI is a leading company in hi-tech solutions for fish counting and size estimation on live fish. VAKI maintains quality service network worldwide and our products are exported to more than fifty countries.

Continuous product development in collaboration with customers and other partners is one of the company’s main priorities. VAKI strives to meet the needs that arise with customers and look for new opportunities where our technological expertise can be incorporated.

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