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Riverwatcher site visit
- River Gljúfurá

A beautiful September morning in Iceland at the astonishing Gljúfurá...but we didn´t have to be there. Find out why.


River Gljufura
- site visit surprice

We visited River Gljufura in September to check the counter and take a few underwater shots armed with a Go-Pro on a stick. We did not expect that the fish registered earlier that morning was still lingering around the counter.


 Riverwatcher Daily

Riverwatcher Daily makes it easier to access statistics, silhouettes and videos of all fish at all times with real-time information online.


 New Software Update

With our latest software edition you can get videos of the fish going both up and down the river.


 Riverwatcher Markets

Now in over 300 rivers worldwide


 Critical Factors

Important to connect and test the equipment ashore before it is placed in water.


 Behind the scenes

Many users have sent us older versions of Riverwatchers that are still in use for inspection before the season starts.




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