New addition

Time lapse

The Camera Riverwatcher records fish after they have passed the scanner, usually going upstream. Since the scanner identifies the movement of fish and triggers the camera, the Riverwatcher needed to be equipped with two sets of scanners to record fish going both up and down. The new version allows us to look back in time and see what happened in front of the camera before the scanner identified the fish.

This feature makes it possible to record videos of fish migrating both up and down river. However we can only activate the lighting system after a fish has passed. If we could activate them before the fish has actually passed we would have solved many other challenges of life.  Which brings us to the next new feature.



  Latest additions

Time Controlled Infrared Lights

Since we cannot turn on the lights before the fish passes we need to leave them on to get the best pictures. For some species of fish, this is no problem, however others might be shy to enter this bright area especially if they like to migrate at night. To cope with this challenge we can now set the lights to be turned on and off at given times and even to use infrared light during the night.

Record scanner activity

Another optional feature we can now offer is a visual record of all scanner activity. The scanner has a garbage threshold and a built in AI that should eliminate false counts of e.g. debris and strange fish behavior such as moving back and forth inside the scanner. If for some reason you would like to know exactly what the scanner encountered even if it did not trigger a count, the visual record can be run for examination.