We´ve had quite a few new additions to the Riverwatcher recently, such as the time lapse video feature and Riverwatcher Daily online.

One of the newest addition to the Riverwatcher is a collaborative project with Biomark.

PIT-Tag add on for Riverwatcher

For optimal ichthyology, many of our customers are using PIT-tags for monitoring fish. This gives the researcher very specific information about that individual fish and his behaviour.
As the Riverwatcher measures every single fish, being able to identify every fish would be the Holy Grail for many researchers. This is why VAKI and Biomark have joined forces to develop a Riverwatcher that can also read PIT-tags and incorporate this information with the Riverwatcher software to identify individuals within the group. This means that a researcher can go through the data and get an indication and identification for a tagged fish and connect this information with other data.

The first PIT-Tag Riverwatcher is to be installed this spring in Mörrum, Sweden.