A new position

VAKI Vison

Over the past few years the company has grown rapidly and salmon farming has expanded all over the world, with Norway in the lead, and those who are in a position to know best foresee further major growth in the years ahead. VAKI has set forth an ambitious future vision allowing for extensive growth potential and has now made some changes in company’s structure to bring it into line with this vision.

Together with changes in senior management, more focus on Product-Development projects and Services to customers a new position in VAKI has now be filled, new Service Manager.

New Service Manager


Sigurdur Helgi Stefansson

Sigurdur Helgi Stefánsson is filling a new position here at VAKI as a Service Manager and will be working closely with our sales representatives and production department around the world. Sigurdur’s previous position was at Marorka, which is a leading provider of energy management solutions for the shipping industry. He has several years of experience of hi-tech products and services ready-to-wear for this new position as Service Manager.

Our new Service Manager ensures excellent customer service by providing help and advice to customers using our products and services. He is also responsible for handling complaints, repairs and other issues.
The last few weeks Sigurdur has been getting to know the people at VAKI and learning about our products and is now well prepared to meet your requests.

So if you need any assistance feel free to contact Sigurdur. We are confident you will find him very knowledgeable and responsive.
tel: +354 595 3025