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“The Riverwatcher system will help to ensure we gain a much greater understanding of the movement of Wild Atlantic Salmon. The system is already proving to be a useful asset in the counting and identification of fish moving in and out of the river network.”

Gary Gruber │ Estate Director


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“Prior to the Riverwatcher system we were surveying ~20% by walking boats, having to expand out for the entire river system.  Steelhead is the species of greatest concern as the population has crashed from estimated 20,000 in the early 1980’s to current estimates of less than 700 in recent years. The Riverwatcher system is now allowing the Nisqually Tribe to count and determine species for what we hope is year round. It was invaluable to get Gulli, Vaki production manager, on site to set up and work through our technical issues. Since Gulli’s visit the system has worked flawlessly and we are amazed and delighted with the data we are gathering. The Riverwatcher is creating counts that allow us to have a better idea of run migration timing and maturity (bright silver versus dark) we are also being able to assign male/female ratios. This system is gathering critically important data.”

Bill St. Jean │ Enhancement Program Manager │Nisqually Tribe, Washington State, USA


“It is true that we had poor fishing last year while also fish numbers rising in the river. With the Riverwatcher, we have a full picture of how many salmons migrate up the river and we can confirm and document this. We are very pleased with the installation and are currently looking to invest in another Riverwathcer which will be located right by the sea. That way we get the best control”

Ron Olsen │ Owner │Reppafjord River, Norway