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Camera system

The Riverwatcher can be supplied with a camera system to record video or still images of fish passing through the scanner. The scanner triggers the camera to capture between 1 and 5 photos or a short video clip of each fish. The computer then automatically links the images to the other information contained in the database for that individual fish such as size, passing hour, speed, silhouette image, temperature etc.

The camera is installed in a special tunnel that contains both the camera and lights providing constant light and same distance from the camera for the fish. That way it is possible to get good images of the fish regardless of time of day.


Remote location

The Riverwatcher with camera system can be used in remote locations with no mains power. Both the scanner unit and digital camera are connected to a 12V computer. The computer greatly increases the data that can be stored and analysed and can be supplied by solar or battery power.


Photo tunnel

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The Photo tunnel option ensures optimal image and video quality. The best images unaffected by sunlight or time of day, the photo tunnel is recommended. The standard tunnel is 160 x 105 x 63cm (L x W x H) and is fitted with the underwater digital camera, lights and scanner unit. Standard opening between scanner plates is 40cm.

The tunnel ensures that the images are captured under controlled and constant lighting conditions, as well as the optimum position and distance of the fish to the camera.


Fish Identification

Two silhouette images are linked to every fish and can be used for identification and to verify the count.
The photos can also be used with other data from the Riverwatcher to sort the fish in groups according to species, sex and even in farmed or wild fish.


Real Time Video

Live video from the camera can be viewed in real time at any time on the Riverwatcher computer screen.

See this video captured from a Riverwatcher installed at the weir on the lower Tuolumne River.  Striped Bass Weir Passage.

See this video also captured from a Riverwather of Chinook in the Stanislaus River.


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