Without the Riverwatcher

RW installation Stabburselva
RW in Stabburselva


There are reports of poor salmon fishing in many parts of the country. - We would perhaps also have had to close the river had it not been for the Riverwatcher we have installed, says the river owner Svein Ingebrigtsen at Stabburselva.

The Riverwatcher Fish Counter from VAKI was installed five years ago and river owners are very happy with the information they have gained during this time on the migration of salmon.

There is a requirement to report the spawning population estimate of each river, and if you cannot document this the river is closed, said Ingebrigtsen.  Previously we had a diver in the river for few days to try and give us an idea of how many salmon we had, but this is no adequate reference.

The Riverwatcher however gives us an exact number of how many salmon at any time swims up the Stabburselva. It is easy to extract data, and it provides very good documentation. Without the Riverwatcher we possibly would have had to close the river for fishing. We want to install the camera addition to the Riverwatcher to take a picture of the fish on the way up; however this requires extra power which we will install in the near future said Ingebrigtsen.

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