The riverwatcher fish counter

for reliable river stock management

Many years of development and research the Riverwatcher has a proven track record of reliability and accuracy. The Riverwatcher is in operation to monitor fish migration patterns in over 300 rivers world-wide in a wide variety of fish ladders, weirs and passes many in exposed conditions.

Several different installations options are available to suit almost any river and location.The Riverwatcher can be custom made to fit special needs.

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July, 25 2016

new features

for popular Riverwatcher product

June, 28 2016

riverwatcher scores high

in comparison

June, 24 2016

Great pictures

from Drammenselva

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About vaki

VAKI is a leading company in the development and manufacturing of equipment for river stock management. VAKI’s core products focus on counting and size estimation of several fish species and more than 400 Riverwatchers have been sold since VAKI launched in 1986. VAKI maintains a worldwide service network and products are exported to more than 60 countries. Core market regions include Norway, Scotland, Chile, Canada, and Mediterranean countries. Continuous product development and enhancement, in collaboration with clients, is one of the company's tenets. VAKI staff and management strive to meet the changing needs of customers and the Riverwatcher’s new features aim to serve the needs of new and existing clients. 

With VAKI products, customers can maximize their efficiency, leading to greater quality and control over their activities.

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